the beautiful of nature art painting created from the real of nature places and amazing of animal painting

Photographer has been traveling to many different places around the world in search of the most striking landscapes. But one of the arts here doesn’t go anywhere like the photographers do. He just sits in his room using his creativity and imagination to pain the various types of landscapes including mountains, trees, valleys, forests, waterways.

Even they are painting, but they all look cool and magical which can drive your soul into those dreamy places. I do appreciate his painting since it doesn’t only look life-like but also creates a new feeling for the viewers. If you don’t believe, have a look at some of his paintings down below:

Yosemite Valley, by L. A. Roberts

1024px-'Yosemite_Valley'_by_L._A._Roberts,_Cincinnati_Art_Museum Image source:

Yosemite Valley by Frederick Ferdinand Schafer

1280px-Frederick_Ferdinand_Schafer_-_Morning_on_Mirror_Lake,_Yosemite_Valley Image source:

Hetch Hetchy Side Canyon by William Keith

800px-Hetch_Hetchy_Side_Canyon,_I,_by_William_Keith,_c1908 Image source:

Thomas Hill – Great Canyon of the Sierra, by Yosemite

Thomas_Hill_-_Great_Canyon_of_the_Sierra,_YosemiteImage source:

Thomas Hill – Yosemite, Bridal Veil Falls

1024px-Thomas_Hill_-_Yosemite,_Bridal_Veil_FallsImage source: Wikimedia.organimal-rights-social-ads-call-of-the-wild-sanctuary-asia-1

Shocking Effects Of Deforestation Exposed In Brutal Print Ads

animal-rights-social-ads-call-of-the-wild-sanctuary-asia-2 Source: ,(h/t: designtaxi, adeevee)

animal-rights-social-ads-call-of-the-wild-sanctuary-asia-3Source: (h/t: designtaxi, adeevee)

animal-rights-social-ads-call-of-the-wild-sanctuary-asia-4Source: (h/t: designtaxi, adeevee)

Blue Hole, Little Miami River

1024px-Robert_Duncanson_-_Blue_Hole,_Little_Miami_River Image source:

Beautiful of Nature paintings

Nature-paintings-Wallpaper-windows Source


American landscape paintings in the Cincinnati Art Museum media viewer by Thomas




Johannes Stoetter transforms humans into amazing paintings inspired by nature