Jiuzhaigou National Park, China is the beautiful nature in the world

More than simply astounding landscape, Jiuzhai Valley National Park is home to nine Tibetan towns, in excess of 220 fowl species and various jeopardized plant and creature species, including the titan panda, Sichuan brilliant monkey, the Sichuan takin and various orchids and rhododendrons.

Jiuzhai Valley is mainly known as Jiuzhaigou (Chinese for “Nine Village Valley”). It is a national park placed in the Min Shan mountain range, Northern Sichuan in South Western China. It is best known for its legendary blue and green lakes, tremendous waterfalls, slender conic karst area structures and its novel natural life. It was pronounced an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992; the recreation center joined the Man and Biosphere Conservation Network in 1997 and has likewise gotten IUCN and ISO 14,001 accreditations.

It is China’s head national park and is placed at rises extending between 1,990m (6,529 feet) to 4,764m (15,630 feet) above ocean level. Found on the edge of the Tibetan Himalayan Plateau in Northern Sichuan Province it is effectively open by immediate flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chengdu, Chongqing and Hangzhou. Jiuzhai Valley gives awesome landscape during the time making it one of China’s most prized picturesque destinations. Read more at: Click here


Five Flower Lake

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Rhinoceros Lake

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Five Colour Pond, located in Zechawa Valley

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Sleeping Dragon Lake


The Nuorilang Falls are 320 metres wide