Eco Skyscraper Provides Water, Food, and Energy for Noida, India

As now we are all living in what we call technology age so almost everything depends fundamentally on technological tools to serve our daily life. One thing that people in this age need the most is energy which is the major source to run any form of machine. Oil then plays a very crucial role to accelerate people life physically and economically.

Now, a group of highly professional engineers and architects are working hard on their master plan of the Eco-Skyscraper which will become the first building ever in the world that offer the workplace, water, food and energy. The construction of this spiral eco-skyscraper will be the replacement of the end time of the oil age. Here are the photos of this astonishing eco-skyscraper.

Pawar’s Eco Skyscraper is an independent vertical city made out of two bending towers connected by taking off sky spans. The venture’s blended utilize high-thickness project offers space for business territories, work places, and homes, while the tower’s pivoting hub gives every unit a roof porch where nourishment can be developed. The high rise harvests dampness to accommodate its needs, and it would reuse waste water with a living machine framework that incorporates live plants, trees, grasses and green growth, fish, and other living animals.

The walkways spreading over the upper levels are studded with a monstrous set of wind turbines – much the same as the turbines traversing the Bahrain World Trade Center. The high rise supplements this wind vitality with force delivered from sun powered shows, while inactive outline systems diminish the building’s general ecological foot shaped impression.

The building is intended to be built from particular units, which can be economically and effectively developed and afterward immediately gathered together on location. As per pawar, “Eco Skyscraper is about reevaluating the future: it is a significant test of survival, toward the end of a period of modest oil and materials to reevaluate and re-outline how we deliver and expend; to reshape how we live and work, or even to envision the occupations that will be required for transition” eco-skyscraper-by-vikas-pawar3Image by: architizer