Amazing pictures of Animal Massive, animal migrations around the world

Trees and animals are the two major source of beauty for the planet earth which means they make the earth look more beautiful and impressive to live in. Of course, I believe that all of you have seen animals for many times in your life especially when you go to the zoo. But this time is completely different from what you have seen. This is really astonishing sight to see. It is the animal’s migration. They migrate in a large number which creates the most striking sight ever to see. In the following photos you will see the migration of the Penguins, sea stingrays, fish, crabs, butterflies and many others.

Pictured is a mass colony of king penguins seen in South Georgia

From huge herds of zebras to colossal colonies of penguinsImage by: JEAN-PAULFERRERO/ATDEA/CATERSNEWS

Amazing underwater mobula Ray in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico

animal-migration-photography-141__880 Source by: Eduardo Lopez Negrete

Flight of the rays was taken over the Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico

animal-migration-photography-103__880Source: Florian Schulz, Germany

The crabs marching on seabed to shallow waters off South Australia

crap building Source: Pascal Kobeh, France

Huge quantities of female red crabs are pictured after spawning on Christmas Island

Huge quantities of female red crabs are pictured after spawning on Christmas IslandImage by: JEAN-PAULFERRERO/ATDEA/CATERSNEWS

Millions of monarch butterflies migrate down North America

buter flySource: Axel Gomille, Germany

Millions of monarch butterflies travel to ancestral winter roosts in Mexico’s shrinking mountain fir forests

animal-migration-photography-21__880Source: Joel Sartore

Tarpon and Silversides, Grand Cayman

tarpon-grand-cayman_25312_600x450Source: Mike Sutton Brown

King Penguins

king-penguin-group_594_600x450Image by: Maria Stenzel

White pelicans are among the largest Mississippi Flyway migrants

animal-migration-photographyImage by: Annie Griffiths

White Ibis at florida blizzard by james shadle

animal-migration-photography -4Image by: James Shadle

Bird flying, untitled by james shadle

animal-migration-photography -5Image by: james shadle

shifting flock of flamingos assumes a whimsical shape in the Gulf of Mexico

animal-migration-photography-6Image by:Robert B. Haas

Pronghorn take off amidst the snow, U.S. and Canada

animal-migration-photography-7Image by: Joel Berger

Buffaloes, Okavango Delta, BOTSWANA, African

africa bufalorImage by: Luo Hong

Okavango Cape Buffalo, Botswana, African

okavango-cape-buffalo-683914-lwImage by: Chris Johns

Okavango Swamp, Africa, Botswana

Okavango-Delta-Wallpaper-1280x960-00002Image by: Mr. L.W. Wildervanck

Ostriches have evolved to handle the desert’s heat and lack of water, Namib Desert, NAMIBIA

admin_53Image by: Luo Hong